Granulators and Shredders

Granulators and Shredders  available in Mexico to reduce material size. Plastic grinders are used for recycling or reutilizing PET, HIPS, LDPE, and other resins.

Both plastic shredders and granulators, share the same function; size reduction.

However, it is important to know their differences. So that you can get the most and best production from your invest.

The most known difference is the output size. This is because the granulators allow the user to choose the screen that they considers most convenient, and thus can obtain particles between 6 and 12 mm. On the other hand, shredders are meant for tearing the material into manageable pieces. Approximately between 20 and 100 mm.

Our variety of granulators and shredders of the manufacturer Cumberland and Sterling perfectly fit any application. There is a product with capacities and performance for every user.

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